Common Questions

General provide personal cloud hosting in Asia, so that you know who has access to your data, where it is hosted and who is hosting it for you. You can synchronize your files, contacts and calendars securely across all of your devices, all while retaining complete control of your data. See the About page for more information!

The best way to try the service is to sign up for a monthly package on the Pricing page. All monthly packages include a 1 month, 5 GB free trial, so if you sign up for a 5 GB monthly package, you get the first month free. Regular payments will commence after one month, so if you are happy that this is the right service for you, you don't need to do anything after 1 month and payments will be taken automatically. If you only want to try the service for one month, cancel at any time in the first month and no additional payment will be taken.

If you are using a monthly subscription, then there is no refund available. Please cancel your subscription through PayPal and you can continue to use the service until your payment has expired.

If you are using a yearly subscription, then we cannot refund subscriptions for anything less than 6 months use. Therefore, if you have been using the service for less than 6 months and wish to cancel, we can cancel the contract, but can only refund you for a maximum of 6 months subscription. For anything after 6 months subscription, we can refund you the remaining part of the contract.

If you wish to try the service before signing up for a 1 year subscription, it is recommended that you test the service with the 1 month subscription before signing up for the 1 year subscription.

At the moment we only accept PayPal payments in US Dollars, although you are free to pay in whatever currency you prefer, as long as the payment is converted to US Dollars during payment. We are currently working on adding more currencies and payment options to this list.

Payments are taken using a monthly or yearly subscription model, which is automatically set up when subscribing to the service. This is made clear during the checkout process and the subscription can be modified or canceled at any time.

News, promotions and service announcements will be posted on our Twitter page. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for news and announcements. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below.

Modify Your Subscription

Your subscription can be modified at any time by clicking the button below. This includes changing the storage space, subscription period (monthly or yearly) and the product type. Any account changes will take effect on the next billing date.


Cancel Your Subscription

Your subscription can be canceled by clicking the button below. If you have a monthly subscription, your account will remain active for the remainder of the subscription period, after which it will be disabled. If you have a yearly subscription, and you wish to terminate early, you can cancel your subscription and contact us for a refund. In both cases, once the account has expired, your files will be securely erased after 7 days.


We continuously invest a lot of time and effort in making sure that is as secure as possible. We use filesystem encryption on every server to make sure that your data is not visible to any infrastructure providers, and we use TLS encryption between and your devices, to ensure that your data is not visible to anyone on the Internet between you and We also install security updates as soon as they become available, and have a variety of security policies in place to ensure the continuing safety of the service.

Nextcloud Security Scan

We get an A+ on the Nextcloud security scan, showing that we're using a supported, up-to-date version of software that has been set up with security as a priority.

nextcloud security scan results

Qualys SSL Test

We get an A on the Qualys SSL test, showing that we're using a high standard of TLS encryption to protect your data.

qualys ssl test results


To provide the cloud hosting service, we use themed versions of ownCloud and Nextcloud, two popular cloud hosting products. We also use open source software extensively, and contribute back into the communities of these software projects.

The only clients we can support are the official ownCloud and Nextcloud mobile clients (using Android and iOS) and the official ownCloud and Nextcloud desktop clients (on Windows, Mac and Linux). Although there are alternative clients that will work with this service, we cannot provide any support for these.

Other software that we would recommend is:

  • OpenTasks: for task management on Android
  • DAVdroid: for calendar, contact and task synchronization on Android
  • Lightning: for calendar and task synchronization in the Thunderbird mail client
  • ownCloud Notes: for notes synchronization on Android

After using both ownCloud and Nextcloud extensively, we would recommend the following:

Web Portal
  • Enable password recovery by going to the Settings page, Security and clicking Enabled under "Enable password recovery"
Phone or Tablet
  • Set system updates to be downloaded automatically but not installed automatically. Choose a good time to install the update, and be aware of what was and wasn't working both before and after the upgrade
  • Ensure that apps are automatically updated (this is usually the default)
  • Always keep the ownCloud or Nextcloud apps open
  • Make sure that any additional apps such as DAVdroid, OpenTasks or ownCloud Notes (if you are using them) are always open
  • Set pictures and videos to get uploaded automatically, but over Wi-Fi only
  • In the auto-upload section of the ownCloud app, set the original file to be moved to the ownCloud app folder. In the auto-upload section of the Nextcloud app, set the original file to be kept in the original folder. This will prevent files from being duplicated on your device
  • Ensure that sync is enabled in the system settings on your device and in any account-specific settings
  • Make sure that ownCloud or Nextcloud is set to start automatically on system startup
Desktop or Laptop
  • Ensure that ownCloud or Nextcloud is set to start automatically on system startup
  • Apply any system updates as soon as they become available
  • Make sure that any updates to ownCloud or Nextcloud are installed as soon as they become available

If you have been locked out of your account, the best thing to do is to try logging-in to the log in page on the website. There is an automatic password policy that will automatically lock your account if you log in too many times with an incorrect password. It may also be an idea disconnecting all of your devices from the Internet, until you have been able to establish if your username and password are correct.

If you are still having problems after logging-in to the website, you can try resetting your password using support topic below.

Change Your Password

You can change your password at any time by pressing the button below and entering your registered email address and password. It is recommended that this is done every 2-3 months to maintain security on your account. Please note that after doing this, you will need to contact us for us to re-enable access to your files. Your new password will also need to be entered on all of your devices.


Reset Your Password

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can press the button below to reset it. Enter the email address registered with your account and instructions on how to reset your password will be emailed to you.


When you log in to the web portal for the first time, you will be presented with a screen that shows you where to get the sync clients for your device. Alternatively, you can use the links below:

ownCloud desktop client ownCloud Android app ownCloud iOS app
Nextcloud desktop client Nextcloud Android app Nextcloud iOS app

Supported apps are apps that are included in the ownCloud or Nextcloud software, and are actively maintained by ownCloud and Nextcloud. Supported apps for ownCloud can be found here, and supported apps for Nextcloud can be found here.

Please note that while some apps are supported, not all apps can be enabled, for security or performance reasons.


Yes! If you already have accounts with 3rd party storage providers, you can choose to link your account with them to make use of the space. Data on the 3rd party services will be encrypted, allowing you to keep control of your data while still using the space available.

Currently supported services are:

  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • FTP
  • Google Drive
  • OpenStack Object Storage
  • ownCloud/Nextcloud
  • SFTP
  • WebDAV

Look at the External Storage section of the web portal for more information.

This is called federation and there is a Federated Cloud section in the web portal. This provides a link to the ownCloud or Nextcloud website, which explains how to share files and folders between different private clouds. The code is also provided to put the following button on your website or in emails:

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