We care about your privacy. With cloud hosting from yourcloud.asia, you know who has access to your data, where it is hosted, and who is hosting it. Your data is stored using the latest encryption standards, and is synchronized between your devices safely and securely. Manage your documents, synchronize contacts and ensure your calendar is always up to date, all from your own private cloud. Take back control of your data!

We're currently offering an additional 1 GB for every 25 GB yearly subscription.
This means you could get up to 10 GB extra, free, per month!



We aim to make cloud hosting as simple as possible. Use the official ownCloud or Nextcloud clients to set up file synchronization, and synchronize your calendar, contacts and tasks from your phone, tablet or laptop.

With support in English, communication is made simple. If there are any problems, get in touch and we will do our best to answer your question.


Centrally located in Hong Kong, yourcloud.asia is designed to be fast. Upload, download and synchronize your account from any device, anywhere in Asia.

Automatically upload photos and videos, browse your photo collection or stream music directly from your yourcloud.asia service, freeing space on your device and storing your data in your own private cloud.


Moving your data to a less centralized location makes your data less attractive to attackers, and increases privacy by being less of a target with the same level of security.

Your data is stored on an encrypted filesystem, so that it is not visible to any infrastructure providers, and the connection between your devices and yourcloud.asia is also encrypted, so only you can view the data between you and yourcloud.asia.


Collaboration features allow you to work with friends and family on documents, tag files, and be notified whenever a file changes. Sharing functionality allows you to share files with other yourcloud.asia users, share a link via email, or make a file or folder public. Federation allows you to connect your yourcloud.asia account with external ownCloud or Nextcloud services, meaning you can share directly with anyone on their own personal cloud hosting service.


Monthly subscription
$3.00 +
  • No contract, pay monthly
  • Packages start from 5 GB
  • File, calendar and task synchronization
  • Sharing, collaboration and federation
  • Use ownCloud or Nextcloud
Yearly subscription
$36.00 +
  • Yearly contract, pay annually
  • Packages start from 5 GB
  • File, calendar and task synchronization
  • Sharing, collaboration and federation
  • Use ownCloud or Nextcloud
  • PROMOTION: 1 GB extra, free, for every 25 GB subscription!
Custom packages
  • Priced based on requirements
  • Large amounts of storage
  • Group sharing and collaboration
  • Use ownCloud or Nextcloud